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Imagine kayaking amongst the bays and coves of Desolation Sound, encountering humpback whales, sea lions or orcas, or enjoying mossy rainforests and wildlife while exploring the Sunshine Coast Trail that stretches 180 km.  This is some of what the Adventure Tourism and Recreation program in Powell River/Lund have to offer.
The curriculum of this one-year certificate is designed to train individuals wishing to enter the adventure tourism and recreation field.
The program includes an historical and philosophical overview of leisure, recreation and adventure tourism, and examination of the relationship between natural resources, Indigenous culture, and the development of sustainable tourism and recreation opportunities..... more

Tourism Studies Diploma


Two-year Tourism Studies Diploma
in beautiful Powell River,

British Columbia, Canada
Dual credentials = the best of two worlds


Philosophers Cafe

Philosopher's Cafe

The Philosopher’s Café is a weekly get-together to talk about issues at a somewhat more philosophical level, where the range of topics might include justice, politics, ethics, the place of technology in modern life, the role that drama, music and narrative play in the understanding of the human condition, religious belief, ideology, utopia and dystopia, climate change, etc. Those participating might suggest other topics of interest, but must be prepared to risk their opinions, ideas, perspectives, theories or prejudices in a public forum. Each get-together will begin (as all philosophy begins!) with a question.
The Philosopher’s Café is open to all. We encourage people with different
backgrounds, careers and distinct cultures to engage with each other in something like a Socratic fashion — in other words, through vigorous debate and the passionate exchange of ideas.
The only prerequisite (besides attentive listening, clear speaking and a measure of philosophical rigor) is openness to different ideas and perspectives. And don’t forget to bring your sense of humor with you!

2016 Powell River Carpentry Class

A timelapse video of this year's VIU Powell River Carpentry Students completing their House Building Project. Video created by Ben Kyle.